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The Simple Steps to Set Up Your Business to Magnetize Clients


When I decided to go into business for myself five years ago, I went to the bookstore to find a book on how to start a consulting business. Isn’t that what we all used to do – go to the bookstore when we had a great new idea? Or maybe even the library? (I went […]

How to Get Deep Attention


There was a guy in my high school Spanish class who commanded the attention of every person in the room every day. He was lanky tall, with longish hair and a slouchy walk. He was smart – the clever kind of smart that brings so many unexpected surprises to conversations. Every day, he’d use that […]

Quit Networking


I don’t belong to BNI – or any other official networking groups. Someday, I might decide to join. I’ve been attending a local BNI group and considering whether it’s a good fit for me. The jury is still out on that. Not because they aren’t awesome people (they really seem to be) – just because […]

Your Expression Élan Could Mean Love at First Sight (Part 3)


In the last article in this series, we explored the three parts to Expression Élan. And, I told you I’d share some tips on how to reveal your three words. After all, this is an archaeological process designed to help you get lazer-focused on your core expression style – the one that will most naturally and […]

Your Expression Élan Could Mean Love at First Sight (Part 2)

Expression Elan

Last week I told you Expression Élan is the three words that you choose as reflections of your most authentic, powerful expression. It is your best resource for your distinctive, memorable self-expression and business communication.  Your business name, tagline, website look and feel, and product and service titles—as well as your Hello Intro (more on […]

Your Expression Élan Could Mean Love at First Sight (Part 1)

At some point, you’ve probably seen an ad or website for Coca-Cola. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you see the logo/colors?  In an instant you get a sense of what the company is about…classic, iconic, family-oriented. They use a traditional font and color scheme that tells you they’ve been around for a […]

What to Do on Your Working Retreat (part 4 in series)

In this working retreat series, I’ve covered: What is a working retreat and why you really should take one Where to go on working retreat How to afford a working retreat on any budget And in this final video on what to do on your working retreat, I’ll share the way I structure my own […]

How to Afford a Working Retreat on Any Budget (Part 3 in series)

For some of us the vision of a retreat includes massage tables nestled under giant banana trees. I’m in for that for sure! However – though that’s an awesome plan for getting away from it all – that’s not the only way to have a retreat. By definition, a retreat simply means to pull away […]

Where Do I Go For My Working Retreat (part 2 in series)

As I talked about in the starter Working Retreat Vlog Series post, I get amazing amounts of work done during working retreats. I am able to concentrate, find flow, get into the meat of things and actually complete projects that I’ve had brewing for a long time. I usually also weave in some lovely personal/business […]

How to Plan a Working Retreat

You want to get some great work done in the world, right? I know you do. And getting this kind of beautiful work you are doing born and shared broadly in the world is no small feat. There is so much to do – so much creativity and energy required. So, you really must go […]